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  • Authentically medically recorded was 12 inches. "Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Sex" by Dr David Reuben stated one 14 inches, but no source was quoted.
  • It seems that the largest recorded length was 14 inches in Dr. David Reuben’s “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex”. “Of all penis sizes quoted in the literature the largest is unquestionably the 14 in. erect organ mentioned by Dr. David Reuben in "Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex".” SOURCE: A good quote that summarizes the sources I kept finding is: “So how Big is BIG? World Sex Records, quoting from Simons Illustrated Book of Sexual Records, says that Kinsey co-worker Pomeroy stated that the longest penis (they) encountered was ten inches. A 1970 unsubstantiated and unsourced survey stated the largest penis found was 9½ inches (erect). Published in 1935, Dr. Jacobus's "L'Ethnologie du Sens Genitale" recorded organs up to 12 inches. In "Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex" Dr. David Reuben makes mention of a 14-inch erect organ, but no source was given. The largest reported penises would seem to be between 10-12 inches in the erect state.” SOURCE: Here are other quotes that you may be interested in: “That is nothing compared to the 12" and 14" behemoths reported in "L'Ethnologie du Sens Genitale", and in Dr. David Reuben's "Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex", respectively.” SOURCE: “The largest well attested penises would seem to be between ten and twelve inches in the erect state.” SOURCE: “In this careful and detailed survey, published in 1970, the largest penis was found to be 9½ in. in erection, hardly able to compete with the vast organs of pornographic fiction.” SOURCE: “According to Wardell B. Pomeroy, the Kinsey co-worker, the longest penis encountered was 10 inches.” SOURCE: This study records the a length of 10.2” as their maximum: SOURCE: Hope I Helped!
  • 14 inches
  • I am amazed at the absolute ignorance about this. I personally have seen more than one guy over 9" and I have no doubt there are some as long as 15". These are of course considered abnormal and fake. I can only attest to my own personal observations as a veteran who had to share showers witn many men during my service time. I can therefore attest to my own personal observations along with one other personal situation that attributed for at least a few 9' to 12" but the 12" was one person not a few. The true record is 18" held by a white man. I can say however that as a race, the size factor very amply provides black men with a much better average than whites. I can attest to this as well through women I know that make it abundantly clear this is absolutely true at least in their worlds. I have honestly done a number of surveys on this subject in hopes of dispelling many rumors and myths. I however found black men on a whole are without question larger in all facets than white counterparts. Ask any women that have had the pleasure of experiencing both. Honesty, remind them is best policy...
  • According to the Kinsey Institute, the biggest erect penis on record measures 13 inches. The smallest tops off at 1 3/4 inches.
  • Check out this article: This Man Has the Largest Penis in the World: 13.5 in (34.29 cm) Erect! - Jonah Falcon The length of his penis is documented at 13.5 erect. It has been photographed and measured by more than one source. It's a goddam monster when you see it in person. In fact, I met Jonah when I was living in Manhattan several years ago. He was more actively bisexual then, but seems to be more exclusively into women now. The other sources mentioned here in posts do not offer any actual individuals as proof, and I'm sorry, but you can not "eyeball" it and say someone's length is more than 13.5. You need actual measurements. Therefore, without at least some photographic evidence to the contrary, I would give the record to Jonah.
  • Every single one of you who posted an answer is an idiot. The truth is we'll never really know. Wherever there's a guy getting his schlong measured by some professor at some institute there's gonna be a guy somewhere else with an even bigger schlong who's not getting it measured by some professor at some institute. Ladies if you find a man who loves you whose bigger than the average 7 some odd inches, thank your lucky stars and never let him go. Stop trying to find bigger, and better. Love what you got.
  • 18, it was a guy named long dong silver or something like that. He was in porno during the time of John Holmes and was bigger. Johnny was like 13+...his was bigger!!!!! I'm sure there are guys who are just as big but would not want anybody to know. Like for instance some 7 foot basketball player. I think Kobe got in trouble with that girl because it was so big and she got scared.
  • Give me a second and I'll measure it ...
  • Growing up...I had a good news bad news scenario....................The Good News was that I found out I was the most "well endowed " in my Senior Class.The bad news was..........I attended an "All-Girls" high school!
  • After doing some great research, I have found that a young man from Lewisville, TX named Frank Bonilla, holds tbe record for longest and thickest genetelia.
  • The truth comes in the act o how do you measure? If you measure on top you will get the lenth sticking out. But if you measure you would also measure his sack. Fact is, and my name here is actually an addie to a popular @ that starts with y, I have found only 1 woman that can take all of me. The rest complain that when I ram it all I hit bottom. And one tore! So the true question should be how much cock can a woman take? How deep are most vaginas?
  • valla vshtir me than, une jam Betim Dajaku edhe vi nga skenderaji une jam peder edhe mashkulli qe e ka pas karin ma te madhin u kan 22 cm, boll shume um ka dhimt botha kur ma ka shti, veq kisha pas edhe qaj qe e kish pas karin 35 cm me um qi ohhhhh ja kisha hanger krejt karin bre, nejse nese dikush e ka karin e madh let me tregon.
  • Why are people quoting Dr. David Reuben. He is from a bygone era. He was also a bigot and a homophobe. His sex book was homophobic.
  • penis size should not be important. if you love som one and can satisfy them sexually obsession with size is a real problem. i do not have a huge penis but is big enough to please my wife. we can spend all our lives being envious of others. it aint healthy
  • There is a man in the uk who in 2007 apparantly measured 14.5 who is only 20 years old. These are just rumoures however the sun newspaper is rumoured to be doing a report on him next year
  • I would like to be completely honest and say that I have an extremely small penis, but, my balls are gigantic! They hang down to my knees, and there is nothing that women like more than a massive pair of balls.
  • a professor at Essex University England, an anaatomist, hsa stgudied the topic 30 years and publishes data on penis size, bone length, height, etc on all ethnic groups, for correlations and anthropological applications. In his study of thousands of very diverse folks, 13" was the largest published. Journal of Repro Physio, 1976. Anatomically, the measurement is made on top of the erect penis, from base to tip; if made underneath, about 2.5" is added to the tape.
  • Hi Guys Well mine is 12inches but I dont use it as a rule! Ho Ho
  • im 4 inches and im 13!! TAKE IT HAVENT EVEN GONE THROUGH PUBERTY!!!! = P
  • I'm 14 and I'm 7 inches big. ;) no lie
  • I was 7 inches when i was 13 years old. one year later and I'm 8 inches. 6 more years years of puberty to go.
  • well mine ain't long but it sho is skinny
  • im 12 turning 13 in 3 months and mine is 5 inches... is that too small - small - average - big - too big
  • Mine is eight and a half and the gilrs have always loved it
  • i have no clue... other than not mine
  • I dunno but whoever said bigger was better obviously doesnt pay attn to statistics that say a woman preferrs a wide penis to a long one. Also, black men are SMALLER the average for a white man is 6 inches, indian 5, asian 5.25, black 5.5 and hispanic 6.15 inches. Maybe you should pay attn to medical science instead of the things your friends tell you. oh, and that 18 inch world record was a fraud because of plastic surgery.
  • ok im 16 years onl and im a 9 and a half ive had a gf dat cant even make it bast the tip they curls luv it um but 1 problem about havin a big strong dick they can tell wen u horny and hard
  • I think it was PAYTON's wasn't it? ;)
  • An unimaginable number, surely. But does it make a difference? All I care is, what I get. *giggles*
  • There are several who CLAIM to have seen the latgest penis ... From what I have studied over the years; I tend to believe that Dr. Robert Dickinson saw the latgest RECORDED penis in the early 1900's .... at 13.5 Inches Long and 6 1/2 Inches around .....
  • Hard or soft? The Europeans have the longest ones!
  • thats just crazy 13.5 my family is very big dicked and i have sceen one younger mexican boy about 20 with an 18In also in africa a few years ago several big dicked black guys with huge big dicks and one young boy with a two dicker it was a mazeing, saying the biggest world record is 13.5 is crazy i know it is much bigger why are you all hideing the truth!
  • Listen you guys...everybody speaks from what they's a sad fact that...facts are facts...and we' all may never know the longest adult penis currently this generation...on the planet...listen for everybody's info...planet earth..the only reliable one we/mankind knows of has ONLY 65 + BILLION PEOPLE...tHIS IS A true ///recorded...verified fact...woever wants to belive otherwise...believe lies if ya choose...its gonna send ya ta the wrong location...after death but's that's your business... Here in the Caribbean...loads of guys...especially who work at the gyms and Hedonism...where...{free-sex} of a sort sometimes occurs...aqnd the jamaican/American actress Seryl Lee Ralph fsome of the 'sexy' contests ...though not necessarily these...have given reports...and I have talked to a yong lady who been to HEDO...and she was amazed at the "dildo sizes she called em...AND THE DILDO'S IN HERE SEX SHOP WHEN i VISTED...ARE WE AL KNOW...THE DOUBLE-DILDO'S FROM 14-18 INCHES...SO THE GIRLS HERE DO SAY THE GUSY DO SOMETIMES boast of 18 inches....i've never seen that locally my my professional experience...however i've come across some pretty's...and medical reports...I do have some medical training...for what it's worth....A Gyno..from England..reported...that they had a measure of a British female who could distend her <a href="" title="vagina" style="", class="stronglinks" target="_blank" />vagina</a> 17 1/2 inches...which would of course cover all 18 inchers...some gyno freinds of mine say impossible...but the vagina is a body cavity...and although there is some size...based on natural dimensions...and psychological...accomodation...etc...from durex and other such studies...and my personal research...the standard vagina...if the female is so interested or inclined can 11 inch or 12 inch penis and more...maby 13...(the key has A LOT TO DO WITH THE ATTITUDE OF THE PERSON'S INVOLVED) we alll know that not only about fun...though if the grils is attractive and attracted to a guy/s or even under the influence of some narcotic..substance...may be up for a good time...without romance/luv and lots of other peresoanl and psycholgical factors ...including the religious and spiritual..i know some don't believe or wish to...No hook gonna last...belivee ya egood book..syas the Big dude upstairs...pyts a everybody's a test...and only those..who build on his said...THE REAL KING...jesus...not elvis or MJ... anyways...fear seems to prevent lots a folks from believing large <a href="" title="penis size" style="", class="stronglinks" target="_blank" />penis size</a> records...and/or vagina acoomodations...but justaas there are si=ze queens who can believe ya me take whholly..14..15 inches...and more...ask Big Ron jeremy...12-13 inches...called small by Big John holmes...about 12 inches..long by about 3 inches wide..who was wider than Ron...Ron said he told John ...that if he had his size...he would retire or some such thing...a good laugh...and Ron back in the 80's was at one point the so-called hier apparent..which didn't materialize...despite his looks..which he claims and his weight...fluctuated...were challenges...Ron hardly became rich from Porn...a feat which few acotors ..amle por female accomplish..much less keep..soem do too unfortunately with all the hype sex...and in anout of hook -ups swing both ways...convert from straight to gay...hardly the opposite..and the aids scare of the 80's and early 90's put a damper on the industry for a while... Nevertheless..lots of us..who are relaly in the know...if we'r know...that Big John..was fully inserted ...if ya strtched his thing it approached 15 on the E-true Hollywoood story..his lenght is give at 13...big deal...there've been biiger...mainly longer dudes...15+...but Big John's still the ICon of sorts...too bad he got caught gay porn and demised in early 92 or 93...when I heard I was shocked ...I didn't hear heis last words...but a hero was we know..forever... Anyways..Seka...can tell ya..that the tow biggest dudes wer Moby Dick...and Daniel Arthur Meade...aka..Long John Silver..I call him...better know to me and others as "the Cowboy" ...cause it is claimed he wanted that of his images...during his short time...he never reiged neither did..Moby ...who was very uncomfortable...when I saw him in front of the camereas...For all who want to do the research or donwload..the movie/s... They both shot...Sex freaks..I think..somewhere between 84-86...I'm pretty sure...and Daniel is on both you -tube with the crazy so-called vixens..claioming that they wer crazy for he hit the perenium...etc... Moby was about 17 lie...not sure how wide but a good 3 or so inches if ya ask me...and Long john hanging...about 18/12...of course...when there dicks are stretched...i don't know about Moby's...but Daniel's...approaches..21 inches...i've heard it's a little more...a friend confirmed that Amsterdam...has his thing on display...he says he vistied the sight...and it was 21 plus inches...I personally don't know of anything around bigger...but as the famous Jamaican track star Usain Bolt...said before he smashed the Olympics world running under 9.7 seconds...actually 9.69...seconds...slowing down to beat his chest...recordss are made ta be I guess tyson Gay and Asapha Powell etc..etc..will spend their whole athletic live trying to match or lower this record...progress some call it...Big deal...noe of these men is greater thanm me ...not in my psychology..or fact..becuase I got da bigf me..and with me..both up and down...and whereever he likes to hang out...and rule...we all who work for him...can't be beat...and a little ad here ...his company...the rock...Kingdom he set up 2 milenia taking over...the Soviet Republics...have fallen ...China's just stalling ..he'll soon move em outa the way...and that little dude the Arab too is gonna fall...THERE REALLY AIN'T NO KING OF KIGS BUT THE BIG DUDE...UPSTIRS AND HIS OFFSPRING...JESUSand spitritual influence...ever other man..woman and and fish and to just marking time...HE RULES THE WORLD...THE everywhere else...HE CREATED ALL MEN AND WOMEN...even Anna Swann...and he husband..him over 7 fooot and she over 8...they conceived a baby..which came to term...but unfortunately bad medical practice....lead to the ifants demise...he was measured posthumously...after beeing 36 inches...i don't know ..suspect both her uterus and vagina may have been longer that average..when you compare that with vbaginal changes...natural delivery is indicated with dilation of at least 5 cm...more preferably 6-9 cm or about 4 inches...Anna's dilation...vaginal stretch..was...estimatd at about 6 iches the largest some much for records... the ones reported above I'm fully aware of form the British..medical texts...Internal medicine..etc...but let's face it...all scientific texts with new science facts and accurate technologies...medical and scientifc discoveries..just gotta go out of print...heck the phsysics .texts form the 18oo's...are only there for posterity...that's the state of best date...and of course...nobody is ever pleased with all news..good or as always bleivee wht ya want..I say if it helps ya ...good...that too is my perogative...BOBBY BROWN ! Luv and God bless ya all...
  • i think it was mine cause its 24 inches cause when i buy pant i measure 32 down 33 across and24 width so my meat is comfortable
  • in asia there was said to be 39 ft long, though most believe this is just a myth
  • not mine for sure
  • Big Ron jeremy...12-13 inches-no,hell tell it only 9 and a half-the rest is hype...called small by Big John holmes...about 12-no try 10 inches.Moby was about 17 inches is fantasy and fake.Having a big cock maybe I visually measure those guys and speculate they not much bigger my 9 inches.Adult star claiming 10 inches are really 9 inches-no matter the mags and ads say.I know all normal sized or small guys see us guys with big ones and think jesus thats got John Holmes plus big,but sorry the average big one is somewhere between 8 and 11-not 12 to 16 inches.And ain't no walking around past or present with a Cockzilla dick,measuring over 15 inches.Daniel's...approaches..21 imaginary.The largest I have had the pleasure of enjoying is 11 inches long and very thick might about maybe 12 0r 13.Anything bigger is bullshit.And take from the bigger ones take more bigger big and staying big.Dick Rambone has reporting having trouble keeping huge tool hard.And there is truth to that.The bigger you are the more blood it takes to eract.So Daniel at 21 inche would brain dead getting a hard on.
  • Do you think having a big dick is a blessing or a curse? Depends-having a big dick is a sense of pride-you know you got more than other guys and are of a unique,small group.But flip side is some guys are jealous and some gals are affraid of it.Blessing and a curse-bothways.I think it's more nerve ending and more feeling or maybe it's just in the head.I have no doubt there are some as long as 15",if you encounter the Incredible Hulk or King Kong maybe.
  • it has to be mine at the standard 6 say it loud my dick is normal
  • hands down i have the biggest penis of all time i call it my massive hog all 12 inches of it word has gotten out to many woman about my size and woman i dont even know come up to me and ask me for sex they say that they got to know if they can take it all inside of them then they say that being filled up so totally they will have a one of a kind orgasum their must be something hardwired in women that just have to have the biggest and of course the best with my huge size i must be carful and go slowly as to not hurt the ladies ihave found that only 3 out of every 10 can take in my entire manhood
  • I'm tired of the Black Myth- always hearing "You ever been with a black man" lol Why would anyone want to be- The average penis is 6 inches across the board- I'm 8- and White- and I'll fuck anyone better white or black. So this rumor that black men are hung- Let's move on lol- I see black men beating the shit out of their woman- look at Chris Brown and Rihanna- look at OJ and Nichole- and on and on- why would you want to be with a black male- they stink- afro- greasy- for a chance at getting a big dick? Good luck- you have a better chance with a skinny white male- trust me-
  • does this answer you question....
  • I saw a Pakistani long back having a dick, un errected going down his knees but I believe it could be of no use. Ladies may be knowing better. The man was around 55 years old.
  • mines 17 inches
  • The largest medically verified penis on record is 13.5 inches long and 6.25 inches around,
  • Reminds me of the time a guy goes into a whore house and goes up to the room. He starts taking his clothes off and the girl looks at him and points and says, "who the heck do you think you're going to satisfy with that little bitty thing? He looks at her and smiles, "me, he says".

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