• chartered tour, I like bathrooms and beds!
  • Hey, I'm not backpacking anywhere in Europe. I saw HOSTEL.
  • I would definitely go backpacking. I think that is the best way to get the true experience. So when we going??
  • Give me the luxury! I hate bug spray..
  • Nice hotel def!
  • Tough choice, but I'll go with backpacking, too. I love the whole camping, outdoors, wildlife thing.
  • The Army and all the road marches from years ago still has me turned off to backpacking anywhere. If you said horseback riding, I'd take it, but if I have to walk it, I'll take the fine hotels and the chartered tour. I don't mind staying around the cities anyway, less bugs, itchy plants, and the room service might be nice.
  • a/c, room service, concierge, private bath please. Pass on the mosquitoes - gnats - bees - ants, dirt, backache, blisters and getting lost.
  • Backpacking, I've been planning out my trip next summer for nearly six years. The whole experience is so... worth it!
  • I would rather go on a chartered tour and stay in nice hotels. No way will I backpack or camp anywhere outside.
  • I would prefer backpacking and staying at hostels even if money was not the issue.People that travel like this are much more informative,well traveled,and interesting.I have stayed in nice hotel rooms and had everything at hand and found the most boring people of all.I need the excitement of simulating conversation and maybe going to the pub with fellow backpackers.I have already done this once and learned this from experience.
  • Although backpacking is tempting, I would go on the chartered tour.
  • While the whole thought of being stuck in a charter tour makes me feel boxed in...I'm going to have to go with the nice hotels, etc. I loved doing the backpacking thing in my 20s, but my last trip to Venice when I slept on a Charter bus for 3 straight nights did me in. I'm too old for that. I need a real bed.
  • I would prefer to be locked up in an Irish jail than have to tolerate a chartered tour. On a tour, I might last a day - two, tops. Vacations are not for schedules and itineraries, as far as I am concerned. People who need somebody to tell them what to do to enjoy themselves are barely living, and I never need to be in the company of a bus full of those. My planning for a trip to Europe, or anywhere else, is simply to go there and then see what's happening. If I sleep in a loft in Wicklow with a fisherman and his collie, that's as good as a five-star in Dublin, as far as I'm concerned. The goal is to be somewhere and immerse myself in the place, culture, people, food, landscape, music, dance, theater, mannerisms, history, language, ... That cannot be done when the bus leaves in thirty minutes for some other place when I haven't really seen the one I'm in, yet. Backpack, bicycle, rented car, open bus/train ticket without schedules or hindrances - the only way for me.
  • Four star hotels only! It takes room service forever to deliver at a Hostel!
  • Backpacking. Although if money weren't an issue, I would gladly choose a combination of backpacking and staying at ritzy hotels where I may run into the Trumps.
  • Backpacking. A chartered tour doesn't show half the sights.
  • Backpacking would be my choice, you tend to meet genuine people, we own a B&B in Carinthia Austria and with big hotels your just a number, most of them are owned by companies and share holders who have possibly never been there they just rake in huge profits ok they provide jobs but they can be very un personal I prefer the small business operations like myself, and love meeting people from loads of different countries
  • I have done both - in a way - the tour was a fly drive holiday where all the nice hotels were pre-booked and all I had to do was to drive from one to the next o maximum amount of driving being 50 miles in one day - so you did all the touring etc on the way from one place to the next. I think by a chartered tour you mean where you are with the same people all the time and all the events, excursions etc are pre-booked? I am not sure if I would like to have something quite so regimented, but.. I suppose it is a question of age. In my youth, I did all the backpacking thing - it was great fun, I met a lot of nice people, and stayed in a lot of strange places. Nowadays, however, I would prefer the comfort of travel and hotels. But... having said that, next summer I am off to do the same backpacking route that I did in 1982, but this time, I am travelling by car instead of train/bus/hitching etc. I will, however, stay in youth hostels instead of hotels.
  • Backpacking... I would not like to go on a chartered tour one little bit! Backpacking is not something I would really want to do in Europe though - Africa/Asia/Australia definitely, not Europe.
  • Chartered doesn't sound too exciting to me.
  • without hesitation backpacking (in season)
  • a chartered tour staying in nice hotels
  • i like comfort actually but id not go on a charted tour, id just book hotels ahead and work holiday plans around them bookings
  • Chartered tour staying in comfortable hotels. Backpacking seems too risky.

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