• It was the sidekick you know the white guy that kept hitting on that tough african american chick LOL My favorite scene was that room with all mirrors.
  • ... when he cuts the tether holding "Grace Jones" ... ... my second favourite, was when Wilt Chamberland is fighting with Grace Jones, and he lifts her up to toss her ... if you have the DVD and can stop and advance frame by frame, you get a clear shot of Grace's bare crotch.
  • Wilt CHamberlain was cool.
  • The ferrets.
  • *Conan is asked "What is best in life?"* To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the women.
  • When asked what she would do if she was interested in a man Grace Jones replies, "GRRRRRRABB HIM AND TAKE HIM!"
  • my favorite scene of conan the barbarian movie was the second scene. at which time conan's village was being invaded by the shape shifting thulsa doom, and his henchmen. in dooms search for the secret of steel. the need for the elusive secret given to man by the the barbarian god crom. In a fit of vanity doom had killed all that stood in the feverd frezy of the one known as shapeshifting snake man. this earth bound vanity driven false profit was in his minds eye a god sent to earth to spread his message of doom his power came from the harnessing of the mind and thus claiming that the flesh is stronger than the steel from which is sown by man and is destroyed by man. ridden god made no attept to stop the proceedings. leading up to the torcherous killing of conan's father who was axed in the back severing the spinal cord at the waist, for the moment he held off one dog but like a downed wildeebeest being devoured by hyeenas he did'nt have a hope in hell . the last scene there stood a lone brave women weilding a master piece of a sword made by conan's father. thulsa doom majesticley dismounts his steed. wearing all black and the most intimidating helmet ,thulsa doom purposly walks to his second in command. with smoke and the settling smell of a hard one battle. he walks to his second, and he carfully give thulsa the sword, he approaches the woman not payiny any notice to conan. a queer silece fills the minds of the on looking soldiars. majestically doom takes on a vacuming stare that could look into the mortal spiritual being of the corpial exiintance that stands before him. she stops mid thought and without physical force lowers her sword submisivley and ucharatistically as meekest lamb. whith out any reason of the why or the how. conan hanging on to the last warmth of his fleeting mothers hand.conan from the perifery of his right side a head of the departed falls to the swow. the questinons cannott be answeresd, so why ask ask them . there is no need for things and for things that i cannott have.for they belong to crom.heading north with the banyars to work like oxen of the iron mines. there in the germanic north i will work as a slave to conditon my body to become without hesitation king of the ring. this is my goal this my destiny and i wil die trying to get it and what is mine,i will go to the four corners of the earth to find doom, but in my search i will learn from my brothers from the four corners of the known world the farther one travels in this pursuit the more i will learn, the most memorable quote from the movie was when they went into the caveren , went to the canabalistk orgy and the three try to escape they successfully got by the gaurds and were escaping but remember conan died and while being curcified she made a deal with the gods that she would sacrifice her life for his. and in the midst of thier escape thulsa doom was up in a entrace to the mountain he said while getting one of his snakes ready to be made into a arrow he said "you will drown in lakes of blood, now you will know why you are affraid of the dark, now you will learn why you fear the night" conan summer `1982
  • The vampire-witch thing that shags him then turns into a fireball. The king's musings about "The jewels cease to sparkle, and all that is left is a father's love for his daughter" Sandahl Bergman hacking the shit out of Thulsa Doom's guards. And in the second one, Grace Jones "I'll spread your head open!" and "Who cares who's brother/sister/cousin it was? What difference does it make!" I also like the climax, when the god wakes up and everybody runs for their life, and only the one soldier steps forward to take a swing at the beast before he gets killed. I felt quite sad.
  • One of my favourite scenes is the sex scene with the witch in the hut in Conan the Barbarian. It was as if the film maker was saying "Beware, young man. Sometimes a beautiful woman turns into a witch after you had sex with them." LOL, The way Conan deals with her - by tossing her in the fire - is so politically incorrect - it was totally hilarious!:-D
  • Was Conan the Conqueror called Conan the Destroyer in Europe or something? I just liked it when James Earl Jones beckoned that woman to jump to her doom.

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