• It needs time to heal, the first scabs come off in a week or so, but it takes a bit longer for it to look its best. Keep it clean, use an antiseptic cream before bed and give it more time. The one on my arm is two weeks old now, looking good but not perfect, its not my first one so I know not to worry, nor should you :-)
  • This is not normal. Your tattooist may have been heavy-handed. If this is the case, you may also have tissue damage/scarring. Did you pick the scabs or did they come off naturally? (Some will recommend keeping skin moisturized.) Had you been drinking or taking bloodthinners before the tattoo? These can all be factors for tattoos looking blotchy. Also, if a tattooist doesn't have good technique, the ink can bleed out underneath the skin.
  • nope that is not normal i have one on the top of my foot and jot a new one today on the other foot and mine scabed but the only place that faded was a small place where i picked at the scab so i would go back to the artist and let him look at it!
  • Apply a THIN layer of tattoo aftercare product: KEEP YOUR TATTOO CLEAN WITH SOAP AND WATER: Repeat this process for a week or two:
  • maybe, ask the person that did it

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