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  • I would, I would take a towellw with you aswell, just in case you can have a white shower, after the golden shower. have fun
  • Whats a piss party?
  • Tell us how it went. Hell - even I have yet to go to a piss party - planned anyway.
  • um yes along with towels, soap and shampoo
  • lol. yes. and you probably want to put a tarp down on the floor too.
  • well if you are naked which is best you won't need spare clothes but if you wish to piss your pants it would be good to take spare clothes If you wish to be peed on clothed well yes definately spare clothes. All i can say is drink lots of liquid. Then both have a good piss as directed at the party, Have a good piss wish i was there he he.
  • should take soap, new cloths, a towel, mouthwash...and boiling water. lmao...a piss party? Where everyone just pees on you? .........................LMAO.
  • Being naked at a piss party saves your clothes. If you want to piss your jeans or have someome piss on you when your clothed etc, YES definately need dry clothes. Drink lots of liquid of course and just go with the flow. Any invites to the party?
  • I would have thought everyone would be naked at a piss party,just out of interest what happens if everyone pees once and no-one wants to go again for ages lol.
  • after drinks usually male and female piss on you or you piss on them and drink piss maybe

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