• No, Unless you cause me to break down in a pool of tears(I can't swim) I will not down rate you. I don't give points to answers simply because I agree with them.
  • No, I seldom give negative points unless someone is really insulting or whatever...people are entitled to their own opinions. To give out negative points like that is really childish.
  • i have only given negative points a few times when i have found questions insulting, advertising or nonsensical. I love intelligent debate and firmly believe in agreeing to disagree.
  • Hopefully we will learn from eachother and agree to disagree...
  • No, it just means that I will never be able to share a bed with you without premature elation.
  • No, the only time I give negative ratings is when an answer is blatantly offensive or overtly aggressive. Ratings are there for denoting answers as 'helpful' or 'unhelpful'. If a question requests opinions or views and they are given (no matter how much I disagree with them) then those answers are helpful in relation to the question and I will rate up those with opposite views if they express them in a well thought out, coherent manner. I may comment stating that I disagree and giving my reasons for this but I wouldn't down rate. I think one of the great things about Answerbag is that the user base contains people with a huge variety of views on different subjects and this allows for stimulating debates. If everyone had the exact same opinion on everything then the site would be, frankly, boring.
  • No not at all , I will down rate abusive behavior or spam like behavior + 5
  • I disagree with alot of people but I don't give them negative points. Maybe I'm wrong & they can change my mind
  • I would never punish anyone with a down-rate for a view I don't agree with. If I ask for an opinion I am happy to see the ranges of opinions out there, and I will give points because you answered my question. If it was not my question, I might give points just due to the eloquence of the answer. My opinion is not law, and there is much I have to learn, so someone else's differing view may actually enlighten me, or at least make me think (and I like that!). :)
  • Never. (and just for the record i feel sorry for anyone on the opposite side of your sunshine Rosie) xox
  • Nah,I only down rate if you are an a** about it. Just disagreeing isn't grounds for me to down rate anyone. There are a lot of people on here with whom I never agree with but I am still friends with them and like them a lot. We just have friendly debates and generally enjoy our differences. People who are less than friendly, on the other hand, leave a bad taste in my mouth and I generally avoid them.
  • No. Now, if you state your case in a rude, abusive, offensive manner I'll have no problem at all doing so.
  • I don't down rate. One mans trash is another mans treasure. I try to respect that.
  • Well you and I are NOT on opposite sides of very many issues, but my policy is to not downrate unless I think something is actively harmful... e.g. someone who's advocating homophobic views, or starting yet another war with Iran, etc. Even then, I will usually only downrate if the posting seems vaguely credible -- i.e. if it seems likely that someone might be influenced by it. Downrating is a touchy subject around here with a lot of people. My feeling about it is that it's a communication, and my general policy about communication is that I try to use it for good.... so the question is "what is likely to be helpful?". A drive-by downrate is almost never helpful. Downrating with a comment is potentially helpful, if the comment says something worth saying. But often, a comment without downrating is even more helpful -- it says "here's why I disagree", but it also says "but I'm not out to 'punish' you with the minus button." Often that's just the right mix for me.

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