• you can, if you cant accept it, but you might try approaching it in a friendly manner as opposed to being in her face about it.
  • Would you tell your Aunt you hated the hat all covered in plastic fruit that she's wearing, no? Then I would leave well alone it's a touchy subject that will probably get you into trouble.
  • You could in a friendly why get her to talk about foundation and in passing you could say you wear your foundation alot darker than you need is there a reason for this as im interested,and then she may realise were she has gone wrong or she could just slap you.Mind you she may have a birthmark on her face and she wears it that dark to cover it,just thought of that.
  • There is a girl at my job that looks like she is wearing her grandmother's foundation! No on has told her they just laugh at her. She's not very bright. Her mother works with us too. She is great everyone loves her, not so for her daughter. I don't think she would get it if we did tell her....she is really ditzy! I wouldn't tell her. She could have skin problems that she is trying to hide that you don't know about.
  • Lend her a magazine with a 'foundation tips' article in it and hope she takes the hint...
  • I'd appreciate someone tipping me off, as long as she was nice about it. The intricacies of makeup are still kind of a mystery to me, so I could use a coach, LOL.
  • That is a delicate situation. When I have noticed something that is that obvious, I would take things cautiously without offending them, being sensitive to their feelings, calmly and gently let them know what is wrong and to help them out. Make up is a difficult thing to talk about to some people, for some people don't think there is anything wrong on how they wear it. I have had many people let me know on how my make up looked like, good or bad and I am open to suggestions. Be sure that you let her know how you feel, be sensitive and careful about how you tell her. My mother was a beautician, and she had to share with me on make up tips, to not have too much of anything, natural is better.
  • maybe she feels better wearing stuff the way she does. I think you might make her feel stupid if u point it out :)
  • Maybe she just dosen't realize that its to dark for her. I would try and tell her in a nice way, and maybe suggest the right color.
  • You might gently suggest the idea of a lighter shade. Maybe tell you were at the mall and found this great foundation and the lightest shade is perfect because it brings out the light skin tones. Some line like that. Get her thinking that maybe she might like to try something else without pointing a finger at her direclty. Or put a picture of a clown on her desk.
  • Pretty much you should just leave it alone. Probably would make it worse if you told her.
  • i would keep my mouth shut. when i offer advice it is usally ignored so I stopped offering it.
  • i would buy a lighter shade of foundation and when she wasn't at her desk leave it there with a note saying that she would look really pretty with that color foundation or something. do it secretly that way she can't get mad at you, and at least you have tried to help her.
  • you could always leave an anonymous note on her desk telling her about it. less embarrassing for her and she wont get mad at you
  • you would have to say it nicely and in a friendly way. without critsizing or making fun of her. just do it as a friend.
  • She may be hiding some kind of facial discoloration or birthmark. If you are her friend, eventually you can bring it up in friendly conversation, perhaps in the form of a question. How did you choose your foundation color, Audrey?
  • Tell her! She may not be aware that it is to dark. Maybe the lighting is off in her bathroom? If you had a fixable flaw won't you want to know? If she likes it that way she might be a little upset but she'll get over it.
  • Magic 8-Ball says "My Reply Is No".
  • Hmmm. The problem is that's an opinion. If a lot of people feel the same way then I would say find some subtle way (if possible) to let her know it isn't completely right. But, the truth is, if she doesn't get much attention from men any more, she'll probably realize it and change it on her own. Women are very keen that way.
  • if i was u i would bloody tell no i wouldnt want people taling about on, brave!!!! lol..lou x
  • If I really know the person I'll tell her..Especially if she's my friend..But If we're not that close..I'D rather not because I might hurt her..
  • Give her some fake tan for an Xmas pressie.
  • buy her a mirror lol. Seriously i would appreciate some one telling me the truth so i do not have to embarrass my self any further, but do not be surprise if she does not take it well.
  • Yes, it would be rude, unless she comes to you and asks you about her makeup, and swears you to the truth. People only want your opinion when they ask for it. That's why it's YOUR opinion, and not THEIRS.
  • compliment her on her tan and suggest next time she not stay in the sun so long to prevent damage to herself
  • forget about it accept what she wants to do with her self you wouldnt want to risk hurting her spend time and be closer to her the moment she is able to make suggestions to you then so shall you make the same move

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