• They aren't long :( But they're real!
  • At the moment they are real. From time to time I do get sculpted nails for special occasions. When I do get them, I keep them at a squared sport length with a French manicure.
  • Mine are real, but I do have an acrylic overlay on them to keep them from splitting and breaking.
  • Mine are real. I have had long fingernails since way before they were in fashion. Like try since the early sixties. I am always getting compliments on them. I don't have them super long, I don't like that look. I also don't treat them terribly kindly and use them in ways you really shouldn't but they are very strong so they survive. If I had to waste the time and money getting fake ones I think I'd just have my nails short. Once in a while I break one but not very often - then I file the others a bit shorter than usual so they are all closer to the same length.
  • I have brittle nails so I have tips put on mine and I love it every day when I look at my hands and they look so nice.
  • If they are long, they are real and survivors. If they are short they are real and couldn't take it anymore. Right now I have two long ones left and I'm waiting for the others to catch up. It comes in cycles.
  • I play guitar (with a pick) so I keep mine cut short. I usually don't even let the white bit show at the top. (And what is that part called, huh?)
  • They are all real.
  • Mine are neither long nor fake. But they're growing!
  • Mine are real and short, but not man-short. Just natural looking. I think long nails are kind of trashy looking (no offense anyone)
  • They are real acrylic and are sport length. I have tips applied, I have been in the cleaning & painting business for about 13-14 years, I can't keep them long with all the water and cleaning chemicals I use. * For the answer that said they look trashy. >I think you only look trashy if you dress and act trashy. :)
  • Mine are real but i don't like long nails so theres no need for them to be fake.
  • i have real nails even though they sometimes break and look uneven
  • Yes - why? Is there a third alternative??? ; )
  • They are real and fairly long which partially explains my poor typing.
  • my fingernails are long and i simply love them the natural way (: i treat them with care and put topcoat to protect . so it stays smooth and shiny ;D i also trim it when i feel it's too long ( into squared shaped ) but for the thumb i would prefer sharp shaped as it looks more elegant :D long , natural and healthy nails should be more attractive like my boyfriend says, but if you wan something special for evening ball or ure 6th anniversary with ure beloved , you may wan to go for professional to get ure nails done with beautiful manicure ;D so i hope this helps ^-^
  • Mine are long and they are real. I take Biotin to help strengthen them (and my hair), and have noticed a big difference in how long they'll stay long without breaking. I usually have to trim off a bit or file them down a fraction to keep them at a level where I can still type. ☺
  • Mine are real. I have never put on ANY kind of fake nails. I have very thick finger nails. When I do something that most people break their finger nails doing, mine just get pulled away from the quick & hurt like an S.O.B. Sometimes I wish that they weren't so thick. I have to keep them short though because I do a lot of typing @ work & long nails just get in my way. Also, because I cannot stand seeing people with dirty nails. they are just easier to maintain when they are short.
  • mine are real and not very long, i hate really long nails. i always keep them polished and nice though
  • Real and i love them! I round them at the tip and never been to a nail salon ^^
  • Men should not have long fingernails!
  • just like everything else on me is................real!
  • Real...sighh..but I broke a couple so now I have to get rid of them all and start over :)
  • real but they break quite easily :(
  • real, I like getting fake ones, when I have a special occasion!
  • Real. If I break one or two then so be it, they grow back really fast.

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