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  • Well ask her to hang out a bit. Even as friends. But if you really want her to know, why don't you tell her?
  • I think it's a mistake to try to make it "not obvious". Girls like guys who are confident, and confidence means being able to express your feelings without having to tremble in fear that they won't be returned. Sorry, it's just that way... might as well learn it early on! :)
  • the truth always works wonders
  • Be obvious. Girls like a guy with confidence.
  • Be honest to her on how you feel. Women prefer honesty over hiding your feelings. Don't be too obvious though, but be obvious. You don't want to frighten her away by being too forward.
  • Tell her you have 2 tickets to the truck pull and that sex is optional on the first date.
  • there is none the best thing to do is be direct and straight to the point and if she shoots you down so be it a few years ago I had a major crush on a girl I worked with she was 15 years younger than I was petrified to tell her how I felt cause I thought she would think I was just some dirty old perv drooling over a young girl so I kept my feelings to myself The biggest mistake I made was telling one person how I felt about her within days there were all kinds of rumors going around and she eventually got so sick of it she cut me off as a friend and refused to talk to me said I creeped her out with my feelings Had I had the balls to be forward and direct with her I think it would have turned out differently
  • Be a good friend but a little flirtation wouldn't hurt.
  • 2-24-2017 Be obvious. Just remember you gotta talk to her for a while before you grab her.

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