• Yes, to see the statue of "Jesus" move. It actually looked like it was dancing.
  • Yes. To have a one sided angry discussion with a head stone..LOL
  • I went to the cemetary in the evening and it was very dark when I left. July 27th was Jimmy's birthday and I wanted to spend some time with him.
  • Yes, to drink beer on top of our friends grave and reminise of how he was greatly missed. Missing you Hans!
  • Yup. Back when hazing was allowed, all sorority pledges had to stay overnight in the cemetary near the college.
  • Yes, just a few nights ago on my way back from the library. No particular reason, I just had some free time before I was expected home, and I felt like spending that time in the little cemetery which is conveniently located about ten minutes walk from my home. I like cemeteries, they're very tranquil and quiet, and as strange as this must sound, I truly enjoy spending time with the dead people. Whenever I stumble upon a cemetery, I try to spend as much time as possible examining the tombstones, reading and making an effort to remember the names and dates on them, and sometimes even performing a little gentle maintenance on them as well (Removing grass, cleaning and polishing, etc).
  • Yes in my younger days that was the place everybody went parking....LOL :P
  • I've never been to a cemetary.
  • Yes I was not in good form and I went to clear my head and have a good moan to my grandma :(
  • Yes. I was pledging a fraternity in college.
  • Yeah, heaps of times, I go to my cemetery everyday and as often as I can at night. It's the largest graveyard in the southern hemisphere and it's 30 seconds away from my home. It is my favourite place to be.
  • Yes. My friend Charles came over at one in the morning, and said he wanted to go to his fathers grave. So we went. Had to jump a fence, but in the end, it was a peaceful walk around the cemetery.
  • Yeah -- I'm really not sure. It was with some friends and all we did was walk around and look at the headstones. I do like cemeteries though, I wish there was a nice one within walking distance from me. One without ants. :(
  • Many times, mostly work related as hubby and I manage the local cemetery's in a town. 1 is 3.3 miles towards town and the other is about 8-9 past us at the base of a small range of mountains, a old pioneer cemetery. One in town we have been in at night to work on sprinklers or when the police called about about a open window in the office and the old we have been out on Halloween night to make sure no problems. Personally I go there to at night, the town one as both my parents are buried there and have a chat with them, just have to get some things of my chest and its always so peaceful there.
  • Yes I have, and no, it wasn't
  • Yes I have. There was even a full moon and wispy blowing clouds. And no, it was quiet and peaceful and beautiful, not spooky. But I'm not afraid of things like that either, so someone else might've gotten spooked.
  • Yup, for some stupid reason when I was younger a couple friends and wanted to play a Quji board in a cemetary at night on Halloween. It wasn't that creepy I think cuz there were like 5 or 6 of us. I get freaked easily so if there wasn't so many I probably would've been scared.
  • Yes, we used to go and get coffee at Dunkin Donuts and I would ask to stop at this nearby cemetery to just look at it. It is a cemetery very dear to my heart and in a way I wanted to make sure no funny business was going on. I am very protective of the cemeteries I go to but that one in particular was nearby and happenned to be one of my favorites. We never got out of the car though.
  • I didn't intentionally visit one at night. I had to go in one, due to the fact I kicked my soccer ball over the cemetery wall by accident. Whilst in there in the pitch black I felt strange but not scared at all. I did find my ball after about ten minutes.
  • Yes loads of times.
  • I used to live next to one, and walked the dog there many times. If the weather was ok, the cats used to come along too.
  • When I was in the Army we done an all night stake out in a very large Cemetary, waiting for the enemy. :o)
  • A number of times, here in a little villages of the Ecuadorian rain forest. We were looking for phosphorescen fungi, so we had to find way into dangerous cementeries always during heavy rains. Cementeries are perfect because there is a lot of old decaying wood.
  • A few times. the most memmorable was in New Orleans. I played Hide and Go Seek with my volunteer group. The grave yard was in the shadow of the church we stayed at. Just in case you don't know. the graves, there, are ALL above ground. making it creepier. One of the girls claimed to have seen a ghost of an old man dressed in white come out of one grave and into the another.
  • yep used to be every night now its only a couple of times every few weeks me and my boyfriend would go on these long walks rest for a while on the benches in the graveyard then walk back
  • lots of times and for different reasons. in high school it was to ditch people at to scare the $%^& out of them ;) then other times for halloween or as a place to kind of meditate and dwell on my thoughts. i go these days to take pictures. you can really get great shots at the older ones.

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