• i think you mean who's that man by Toby Keith.
  • mark wills
  • Rhett Akins
  • This is not the same song as "Who's That Man" by Toby Keith. I believe it's Rhett Akins who sings "That's Not My Truck"'s a great song, I'm still searching the Net for it.
  • "Ice Man ", urinating at the side of the highway, 155 kilometres into his journey, after one too many cans of strong, Scottish lager.
    • Ice man
      Aye ! Nice to see you back... ;-)
    • Lilo Avli
      My back is always against the wall when you are in town.
    • Ice man
      And don't you forget it either.
    • Linda Joy
      If both your backs are against the wall that leaves me a tasty view!
    • Lilo Avli
      Put your dentures back in before you start snacking.
  • That Ain't My Truck by Rhett Akins

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