• Morality is flexible
  • Sounds good to me. I'd smoke a spliff to that one if it were only legal to do so.
  • No, alcohol can have adverse side effects, and it is still legal, same goes for smoking. As for illegal things somethings are wrong like racism and discriminating.
  • Of course not. Blind obedience to a law, just because it is a law, can be a frightening thing. History shows thousands of examples of corrupt politicians, tyrants, dictators, and lawmakers who used their countries' legal systems (wiped out old laws, introduced new) to manipulate and control the masses.
  • No on both counts. It's interesting to me that sometimes people try to legislate morality. If you really think about it - prostitution is illegal. But why is it illegal? It's more of a morality issue than a legislative issue.
  • True. What's yer pt?
  • No, one concept suggests a hierarchy like: morals < ethics < law One's own beliefs is morals, the collective morals of a group is their ethics, and the (supposed) collective ethics of many groups is law. However, it doesn't necessarily mean that all groups agree to the law, or the ethic.

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