• depends on the pain
  • If it's in your mouth, go to the dentist..if it is elsewhere, go to the physician who deals with the "elsewhere"...unless you are a hypochondriac who panics at a hangnail..then I'd say, make sure the pain is real and not "manufactured". :)
  • We learn the best way to deal with it . If it is physical we look for medical help. If it is emotional that is more difficult, We have to find our own way of getting through each day, maybe we learn what kind of inner strength we have. We also learn to appreciate the days or even hours that are pain free.
  • To try not to repeat the same mistakes and fall back into the frying pan ( Relationships ) Health - Find a Dr. that you feel comfortable with , so you can be honest in the way your feeling Physical Pain - Don't over do it , and learn when to slow down when your in pain and get the right medicines + 5
  • Temperament
  • We learn empathy. We learn compassion. We learn to rely on our strengths. We learn perseverance. We learn the value of life. We learn about love and friendship and the things that matter. We learn to overcome obstacles. We learn to avoid foolish things that cause pain. We learn to take care of our bodies and practice healthy behaviors. We learn to look beyond pleasure. We learn whatever we are willing to learn.
  • We learn to embrace the human condition.
  • Stop, look, listen
  • I think the most important thing we can learn from pain is simply to learn to BE in pain -- i.e. to stop squirming and resisting and learn how to be fully present and fully satisfied WHILE it hurts. Someone who can do that is fearless. Yes, it still hurts, but the willingness and ability to remain present and not be compelled to escape leaves you with a much wider "range" of capacity to be fully alive. If you can be satisfied while in pain, you can be satisfied under just about any circumstance.
  • Perseverance.
  • perseverence, strength, empathy, courage, fear, you learn everything that makes you human.
  • What causes it, what cures it, and how to avoid it.
  • How best to avoid it.
  • It hurts, it sucks, and don't repeat whatever caused it.
  • We can learn it is a part of life and there isn't any way to avoid it.

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