• 4 1/2 in order to receive my bachelor's in business, majoring in marketing. It took longer because I changed from English to business midway in college so I practically have a minor in English.
  • 5 in formalized education, 3 in certification trainings. I believe you are always learning. Some learning seems to reach further than others. I will keep learning.
  • I have 9 years of university education (3 degrees). I would say it was worthwhile investment from both a personal and a professional development perspective. It's made me more confident about myself and my potential, less dogmatic in my beliefs, more curious about what else there is to learn and experience, and... the pay isn't bad either. ;-)
  • For me, I got an AA degree. But my kid made up for it..he has a Ph.D. :)
  • 5 years in college... and soon at least another 3 more years. :) I'm not sure if it is worth it yet because I am not quite done!
  • Eight years in University , and then another stint for the Bar Exams.
  • 4 years until now and I wish to continue it until PhD. It has been so worthwhile for me.But of course it depends on THE PURPOSE OF YOUR LIFE.So no one can tell you if it is worth or not,but surely it's so good to be educated,I think at least having a bachelor is somehow necessary these days.
  • i did 8 months at college when i left school but left due to family circumstances. then i got a job and did a nvq 2 in admin. it was better for me doing it while working than at college because i was earning a wage while doing my nvq aswell.

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