• they shouldnt be blaming them, no one can know everything
  • If you went to a bad school, you are going to have a disproportionately difficult time furthering your education. Colleges are going to pick higher qualified entrants, and entrants from better schools. It can be done, and has been done, but these kids are far behind the 8-ball. Not all public schools are the same. I went to a great one. Others go to sucky ones. If you go to a sucky one, yeah, you can blame your earlier education on lifetime struggles and give yourself an extra pat on the back for surpassing them.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Most people won't do that. They'll complain about their education and not work hard to overcome the beginning disadvantage.
    • Subject 89P13
      10/19/17 True. I have no sympathy for people who don't make an effort and just whinge.
  • 9-29-2017 Oh, about 2500 years. The public school system was developed in ancient Greece to teach slaves how to do their jobs. Free children were educated by tutors at home or apprenticed to workmen. Did you ever wonder why a teacher is called a pedagogue? The word means 'foot leader'. It's because classes used to be conducted while walking outside. The only change to the slave school system in 2500 years is that modern classes are conducted while seated inside. The Underground History Of Public Education:
  • Not very long!
  • We are in the era of "no personal responsibility." Nothing is ever your fault.
    • Linda Joy
      Amen to that brother! you'd think at some point these people would want more for themselves and take personal responsibility for it.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Most people are too ingrained now, Linda. You see it all around you. Everyday on the news. People crying about their lot in life and how they never deserve what they got. They want everything for free.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      It's like I tell my daughter when it comes to her high school sports. "You're going to get out of it what you put in to in. If you merely show up and don't work for it, you'll never win. Mediocre work produces mediocre results."
    • Linda Joy
      You know it!
  • As long as I care to blame everything or anything on someone, on something or someone else. I could also blame private education my parents, my forth grade teacher or the three little pigs --if I so choose. None of which means any is rational.
    • Linda Joy
      Or productive!
  • No one can blame "public education" for their lack of knowledge. There is enough success in the public education system for the opposite to be the case.
  • In the 21st century, people cannot blame public school. Maybe they can try to blame the internet.
  • I don't blame public education as much as I blame that teachers just are not trained well enough to get to the minds of kids and do good with it. I blame myself for not knowing as the computer is there often for me to look up what I don't know.
    • Linda Joy
      Aren't the parents equally responsible? I think this depends on the age of the student. At some point they have to become aware, as you have that the ultimate responsibility is theirs. But parenting may shield some students from learning this responsibility effectually crippling them. But there is hope for all to eventually learn. It took me lots of lessons!
  • Probably for about as long as public schools can disavow any responsibility for the dumbing down of America, ever-increasing dropout and failure rates, school violence, and so on. That said, schools are not required for gaining knowledge, and mostly seem counterproductive. I learned on my own in one year, more that was actually useful and practical, than in the entire eleven years of public education.
    • Linda Joy
      This is also a personal choice though few young students are hungry to learn. I agree with you. But I also think teachers should only be responsible for teaching. Who do you think is responsible for fixing the mentioned problems with public schools and what do you think should be done and by whom? Or do you think they should flush it and stick with internet schooling? I'm very thankful that option is available now and maybe one of the best things to come out of the pandemic, other than ppe and better sanitation.
    • Franco333
      Firstly the leftist teachers, principles, admin, Education Board members, etc., need to be purged from the public school system. Until then, it will remain nothing more than a commie-socialist indoctrination camp, and government warehouse to contain the kiddies through the day. The education system needs to be overhauled. Useful classes needs to be emphasized, while useless classes either discouraged or eliminated. Oversight within classes needs to happen to prevent politicization by commie teachers...and within admin to prevent grift of the school budget. The teachers unions must be brought under control, to end their continued protection of bad teachers. School bullies must be held accountable, instead of ignored. Who is responsible for all this? I don't know. I do know if you ask the employees of the school system, from the lowest school janitor, to the teachers, to the highest official...not a one will accept any responsibility for the deplorable state of education in America....and not a one will cooperate in making the needful changes. Internet schooling at least gives lazy parents a bit more opportunity to monitor the lessons their kids are being taught, even if most will be too apathetic to take advantage. Home schooling is far better, in that it gives parents the most control over the lesson plan. Second best would be a sort of collective schooling, similar to 'Little House On The Prairie' sort, where likeminded parents pool their money, rent a one-room schoolhouse, hire a vetted (non-leftist) teacher, and approve all lesson plans in advance.
  • All of us are lacking in knowledge. That is why so many people study 1 thing and become a spokesperson for that topic earning a living. Of course there are multiple degrees people can get, but so few invest the time and effort they get burned out on the learning for it.
    • Linda Joy
      Well now we're no longer talking about public education. Unless you're not from America. This is higher education and usually costs money and is optional. Its another personal choice. And anyone can lose the hunger for learning anytime. I guess that's when perseverance and determination are called for, or maybe just a break. Trade schools or certificate programs are more linear, but earning a degree requires a slightly fuller roundness of education so to speak. You have to take your basics as well to get that degree.

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