• Other than plane tickets? A really nice travel book on a destination they might like. A basket or bag of things to use while traveling (neck pillow, travel diary, travel clock, book light...) A photo album or scrapbook for them to use when they get back.
  • It depends upon how much you want to spend.
  • Trail mix won't go bad or stale too easily and it is very nutritious and tastes really good too.
  • A VERY nice leather travel bag would be great in my opinion. Here are some nice examples :
  • the BLUE BOOK from Lonely planet. That's a neat, funny, realistic travel book!
  • It depends if they "like" to travel and wish they could more or if they *actually* do travel quite a bit. For a wishful traveler; any travel book! I like the EyeWitness Guides. For a thrifty traveler; anything by Rick Steves (his luggage is also excellent if you can afford it. I have had my original Rick Steve's bag for almost 20 years and made umpteen international trips with it.) For a frequent traveler; a really reliable and very slim alarm clock, battery operated, that has a folding cover to it (sort of like a compact). An atomic one that sets itself automatically within different time zones is very helpful. For an older traveler; compression socks. Ok, so it is not a glamorous gift, but for someone who suffers greatly from the painful swelling of water retention that comes with long flights, they can be a God send. Subscription to Conde Nast Traveler magazine. I love this magazine! I would be careful buying something as personal as a carry-on bag unless you know the person well enough to really know their preferences and how the bag will be used. For travelers who need to sleep; a Bucky neck pillow and an eye mask. Ear plugs. For travelers who like fresh breath; Oral B Brush Ups. They are like little swiffers you stick on your finger and brush with then throw away. OK for travel now that you can only take a very small toothpaste with you in your carry-on. For someone who always forgets to write; pre-addressed mailing labels, stamps & a nice pen. If your budget allows; a digital camera or extra memory card for an existing digital camera. I could not travel without that now! I could keep going...I love travel and I love all things travel related!!!!
  • a travel wallet, one of those concealed kind you wear under your clothing to keep from being the target of a pick pocket. a company called eagle creek makes some really nifty ones.
  • a watch that would automatically set itself to the present time of the region the person is in.cause my dad loves to travel and has the same problem, he often gets confused and asks people for the time.
  • A gas gift card.
  • I think various restaurant gift cards.
  • Compass. Compact lightweight folding umbrella. Folding makeup/toiletry bag that can be hung on the bathroom doorknob. Cute luggage tags. World travel adaptors. Smallest laptop computer. Digital camera. Eyemask/earplugs/inflatable neck pillow. Folding alarm clock. Dual-time wristwatch. Noise-canceling headphone. Just a few suggestions from a traveling professional! ;-)
  • 1. A travel document holder/organizer. It can hold your passport, IDs, credit cards, boarding passes, and papers w. your travel info. I've found it to be incredibly useful. Before I would throw piles of email confirmations, my passport, and tickets into my bag and misplace them. They range in quality from cheap plastic ones to fancy designer leather ones. 2. My friend has a travel book with pictures of everyday items so if you don't know the language in a country you just open it and point to different pictures to communicate with people. It has pictures of toilets and chickens and vegetables. Dont know if she ever used it but it's funny. Don't know the name of the book either. 3. Toiletry kit w. small 3 oz empty bottles and mini toilet paper. I'm always trying to find small empty bottles.

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