• It's not clear whether you're asking about time or space. My 'beliefs' are based on my reading of scientific knowledge, which in turn has been acquired by many decades of careful observations and application of the known laws of physics. The 'standard model' of the universe is Big Bang theory, which holds that some 14 billion years ago, the entire universe -- including space itself -- began expanding from a single point. The universe is thought to be finite but unbounded, i.e., if you traveled far enough in any direction you would reach your starting point again -- just like travel on the surface of a sphere brings you back to your starting point. In this view the universe is something like a 4-dimensional sphere. As for time, we don't know yet if the universe will last forever by continuing to expand, or begin to contract and shrink back to a point -- the 'big crunch'. Evidence in the last decade favors the scenario where it expands forever.
  • What if we(the universe) are just a droplet that has been sneezed out by a giant being, on our way towards the wall?
  • I don't care about such things; everything is in God's hands. To try to grasp the unfathomable doesn't seem to be a good use of time. Suffice it to say that it evades our understanding...
  • The edge of the visible universe us where the objects in the expanding universe reach the speed of light. Since at that speed no further information about them can reach us, for all practical purposes they have left the universe--but from the viewpoint of someone halfway between us, they and we would each be only halfway to the edge, and from their viewpoint apparently WE would be reaching the speed of light and leaving the visible universe. Theoretically, it may go on forever; practically, there is a limit.
  • I think that life is one big dream and we can conclude forever and its meant to be interesting..yet its all the while still a dream..
  • I think it goes on forever, but probably only because it's hard for my mind to actually grasp what their would be if their wasn't a universe... it's infinite, to me.

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