• believe it or not, I -HATED- steak up until I was like 9, before then I would eat it but not enjoy it (in my house it's eat the food thats on the table or don't eat at all)
  • Cooked carrots. Still do not like them!
  • Nothing i used to eat everything i think I'm more picky now.
  • Green peppers...I can't stand the smell to this day.
  • They had to fight with me to eat meat.The blood from the meat made my skin crawl.I could not even look at it,so I was not forced to eat it.I loved the vegetables though.
  • I did not like green veggies , so, yes ! It was often a battle .
  • I hated potatoes (including chips, aka fries in the usa). When I was at primary school, I cut open a boiled potato during lunch and found a worm inside it!. It wasn't till I was in my late teens that I tried a potato that wasn't in a crisp packet again.
  • Cooked carrots, green beans, beets (ugh!) and bananas. The only things that's changed is I'll eat green (string) beans now. Everything else I happily avoid.
  • Brussel Sprouts. I hid them in the napkin, under the table and wondered how I got caught.
  • I don't think there was anything they fought with me to eat. I didn't like mushrooms, so I didn't have to eat them. I don't think they regularly prepared anything that I wouldn't eat.
  • Peas, I'm not sure why. They just did not appeal to me. When I was about nine years old my older brother came home on leave from the Army. He put a little garlic on his peas and had my try them. I've been eating them like that ever since.
  • peanut butter and banana sandwich
  • Oatmeal or Gravy bread!
  • Steak. I kept chewing and chewing and it got dryer and dryer and I couldn't swallow it. I'd excuse myself to go to the toilet, then spit it out! I like steak now though.
  • oatmean
  • I grew up in an Aussie household with a tradition of overcooking veges (boiling the poor things to oblivion), so hated most vegetables. I eventually convinced my mother to leave a piece of carrot out so I could eat it raw. I also had trouble with spinach just thrown on the plate having lost its soul to the saucepan. Mother used to say eat it: I would say...I will vomit. She would say: no you won't. I would eat it and then vomit. Brussells sprouts were the worst. That and cabbage/cauliflower. I only had to smell those cooking and I would vomit. But she would try the argument again. And I would vomit. I am still not good with cooked veges. I prefer raw.
  • brocoli, spare ribs and green beans, uck! as a kid now I like them all
  • Plain unseasoned scalloped potatoes and ham, my fathers favorite dish(God rest his soul). I don't mind them nowadays if they have some onions, or onion salt, and maybe some cheese, but the milk, boiled plain taters and unseasoned ham was the epitome of just plain blah to me.
  • The only thing I can think of is onions. Yuck, I hate onions!
  • THe biggest thing that I thought would kill me was Lima Beans! Beyond that, I would eat almost anything else if they didn't make me eat them. I did have a hard time with spinach sometimes too.
  • Milk. I don't know but when i was a kid i hate the taste of milk.
  • Any eggs that weren't scrambled; brussels sprouts, anything jellied, like aspic; tomato juice. I eat them all now, except for tomato juice. I love tomatoes in all other forms, but the juice still appalls me.
  • I seldom ate vegetables, though my parents strongly encouraged me to eat them.
  • pumpkin and some yucky meats kidneys etc and curry......but mum was kind and always dished my stews etc up before she added the curry:) mild curry now and pumpkin is yuimmy as ......hate the kidneys etc today
  • That's not how it worked in our house. If mom said eat it you ate it! PERIOD! There was no democracy or debate or arguing! But I don't remember her forcing me to eat anything either. I do remember a story my mom told about my oldest sister repeatedly saying "I don't like that" (and mom would exaggerate the whininess of her voice) when she'd fix something to eat so one entire week mom only fixed the things she'd whined about! And mom said from then on my sister would start to say "I don't like... that, but I'll try a little!"
  • There was no fight in our house. Parents ruled. If you didn't eat everything on your plate, then you went to bed early without dessert.
  • Liver and onions. NOTHING and NOBODY can make that organ taste good!!
    • mushroom
      Mom let me use as much ketchup as I wanted.

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