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  • When I was overseas in Korea, I was in a relationship for about 4 months. I had 2 weeks of leave and I went home to visit my family. My bf stayed back on post. After 4 days of me being home he stopped answering the phone when I called. Then when I got back to Korea he told me that he met someone while I was gone and he wanted to be with her instead of me. What an a$$hole! Couldn't even wait 2 weeks for me!
  • Sexually assaulted me on the first date.
  • faked a pregnancy.... still wanna choke her
  • Took everything out of our apartment while I was gone. EVERYTHING! The only thing left was a dresser with a fish tank on it. I called the police but they said it was a civil matter. I had to take him to civil court and they only let you sue for 2,000 dollars at that time. That didn't even scratch the surface of an entire apartment worth of stuff. Everything in the apartment was mine. All he had was his clothes. I hope that b@$#@$ is miserable the rest of his life.
  • Just will not leave me alone!
  • took my sons.
  • It's not what they've done, it's what they keep doing. I have 2 ex's that I have to work with.
  • LIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Cheated on me, then had the guy she was cheating on me with beat the shit out of me. She also called my work and tried to get me fired by pretending to be a customer I had dealt with. Thankfully my boss didn't buy it.
  • How about planning a wedding to someone else while still stringing me along, like we were gonna start a life together? I had to find out by coincidentally meeting a distant future in-law where I worked, who handed me an invitation to her wedding after our (3rd) shift. I was made to swear I wouldn't do anything too rash, which I did anyway; I rushed over to her office, stopped her on her way in, and asked if I was going to get an invitation too, she freaked and ran into the building to avoid me by being past the security there. I then posted an email that showed her groom-to-be that she had been intimate with me ALL the while she had been stringing BOTH of us along. Believe it or not this only ALMOST stopped the wedding, because he is pathetically desperate, and to avoid exposing the multitude of problems to their families, who thought this was the best thing for both of them. By the way, she's now discovered he's a juvenile pathetic loser with little concern for anyone but himself, in deep financial debt, with uncontrolled frivolous spending habits, and is a tiny dicked lousy lover.(Her own words) And to think she married him because she thought he represented financial security and someone who would always take care of her! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • He physcially and mentally abused me then I caught him in bed with another guy.
  • Give me his name and address.
  • Give me his name and address.
  • He broke a date with me one night to cheat on me with his ex wife and then went out with me the next night and slept with me in the same bed he had been in with her the night before. THAT is emotional torture..... the thought of it still makes me sick to this day. :(
  • asset strip you.dont they all
  • taken everythink, brainewashed the children and accused and attempted conviction of me for assult.
  • Stole my Motorcycle (Brand new Katana by the way), my credit card #'s, and around $2000.... Then he disappeared....But that's ok, he can only run and hide for so long... I JUST found him a couple of weeks ago (uknown to him) and he's about to be in for a BIG surprise.... Did you know "Theft by Taking" and "Credit Card fraud" was a felony??? I bet he doesn't know that!!!! ha ha ha ha
  • threw a bench at me!
  • cheated on me and then didn't see the wrong in what she did.
  • Took his own life. But before doing that and in a Bipolar rage he made our daughter the sole beneficary to the life insurance policy, had maxed out several credit cards that I knew nothing about or what he had charged, he didn't make several house payments and that the house went into foreclosure and I lost it, while cleaning out said house after his death I found documentation that he had paid for an abortion for someone else that he apparently had an affair with while married to me. It's been an emotional and financial mess for me for the last 8 years but, things are looking up and I'm finally getting my life back.
  • Left me without an explanation, the questions f@cket me up so badly, but I got over it and when I saw this person years later all I could do was to laugh inside my-self for the way this person who I thought would be the one turned out, it was a disappointment ...
  • Almost choked me and made derogatory comments about me being adopted
  • Punched me and very nearly broke my jaw.
  • I guess I've been lucky ex-wise. The worst thing was borrowing my luggage supposedly for a gig... and he was visiting a ho. No, no, I'm sure she was a nice gal. :-S Now my current 'love' is a whole other story...
  • My worse experiences all came from the same person. He lied, cheated, lied about cheating, stringed me along for an entire year while he kept a relationship outside of our relationship, mistreated me and made me feel like I was an idiot for thinking that I deserved a man who treated me well. Oh yeah and he kept half the money I had put into our savings account and all my DVD's.
  • The scar from twelve stitches in the back of my head is a constant reminder of how lucky I am. I escaped. He later was murdered, and when people tell you if you live by the sword, you die by the sword, they really aren't kidding. In some rare cases, karma IS instantaneous.
  • Raped and choked me because he thought I was cheating on him.
  • Told all these people to not talk to me anymore, thankfully they didn't for long, I was by myself in this other state. Also, spread rumors (even if it was his friends who did it it still counts as him, because they are acting on his behalf), told his friends lies about me in another language, screwed with my head on the internet, screwed with my head when I'd see him in public, doesn't give an explanation, probably thinks I'm stupid but by far I'm not, got Enjoyment after seeing me cry. We broke up, and much of this occured months after.
  • tried to kill us both in a car crash...
  • "Fixed" the brakes on my car. I suppose he didn't like the idea that I was going out on dates after I broke up with him. Kinda the way that works, isn't it? Anyway, I had a first date with a guy and I got a little ways down the highway when my car started making a really funny noise. I pulled over and realized that it was really hard to stop as I did. Had the car towed and whaddya know! The brake pads were loose. Odd that. The mechanic explained that it would be virtually impossible for that to just happen. Nice.

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