• The largest rims and tires are found on large industrial dump trucks used in open pit mining. The largest mining vehicles manufactured are used on the Alberta oil sands in Canada. The largest mining trucks in service (e.g., the Caterpillar 797B) have a cargo capacity of about 400 tons and a gross operating weight of almost 700 tons. The Cat 797B uses 59/80R63 tires, the largest manufactured in the world ( ).
  • The Biggest rim ever made is a 50inches.It is found at Coast to Coast rim shop.It is illegal to put on any street legal car. The price for these rims are $30,000 with out tires and $50,000 with tires.
  • my friend has a 80 inch rims on his cutlas. really nice looking. 80 inches off the ground
  • I saw a set on a 1985 VW that were custom made and from top to bottom they were 18'6" tall that is over 100ft around....Not street leagal but would run over 200 mph with a 4 banger....pretty can view the car on
  • I'm not sure about the rims themselves, but the giant uniroyal tire is over 80 feet tall and weighs over 12 tons. It was a ferris wheel back in the 60s and is now on the side of the road near Allen Park, MI.
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