• I liked it. It says a lot about her. Having to undergo kimo and still doing her royal duties. But I still have one question however. Why does she always have a flying saucer above her head? Is she an alien calling home like ET?😌😋😊😆😇
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      Speaking of stupid, do you remember posting:"theres no point coming to this site any more. I doubt any of you will miss me. Enjoy reading delusional lies. You all are selling out your children and grand children. As half of you live from week to week ,How much of your advice is worth anything?"
    • 11stevo73
      your advice isn't worth anything you are stupid. Still posting google searches you have no idea how anything works do you.
  • I feel the same way that Kate feels about me being unwell.
  • Completely and totally 100% uninterested.

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