• Anyone can have as many friends as they want because they are entitled to make their own decisions who they want to hang around with. Some people like to have only one friend but that’s their choice. There is always somebody for someone in this world.
  • logically you can...but in that case, the meaning is - well - atypical. * So "best" means (roughly) "better than any other", and that's how people normally understand the term. So you can see why people often think of a best friend as being a "one and only". * But logically that need not be so. For example (and this is just for illustrative purposes): imagine that you rank and categorize your friends on a scale from 1-3. The friends ranked 1 are just "normal" or "good" friends. The friends ranked 2 are better friends. And of course the friends ranked 3 are your best friends.
  • In my mind, you can have as many friends as you want or like; but you devalue the meaning of "best friend" when you have more than 1!!! Having said that, I have is a female & the other is a male. Any female friends after my best female friend I consider to be really good friends. My best female friend won't understand the friendship me & my best male friend have because I discuss guy problems with him & she has very little expertise in that subject. On the other hand, I can't discuss the topics with him that I discuss with her!!! To me a "best friend" is someone who understands you MUCH BETTER than a"good friend" does!!!
  • Certainly you can be friends with as many people as you want. However the word best by definition there can only be one best friend. More than one is, to me, a contradiction of the definition of the word best.
  • Different friends have different roles to a person and different perspectives,so yes.

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