• I haven’t heard from Danceswithwolves in a while. I wonder is he still an active user.
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      He left Answerbag and went to GirlsAskGuys:
    • Shadow Of The Mind
      Ok. I miss Danceswithwolves on this site
  • Rick Myres.
  • I don't remember her old answer bag name is but It would be great to hear from her again. We emailed for a long time but she has died of cancer about 5 years ago. Beautiful woman, I miss her and still have some photos of her.
  • 11stevo73, Army veteran, Linda Joy, DWW, but they left by choice, way back was Vivienne, Didge some of the old crowd that moved over from ask, but everyone here is just fine with me, people come, people go.

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