• Houses. We should be grateful for having a roof over our head. Well, most of us anyway while others are homeless and they should be in a shelter or a home to protect themselves from weather conditions.
  • I don't know about "greatest", but scientists are agreed that the epitome of human invention and technology so far - the pinnacle of our scientific and technological achievement to date - is spray cheese in a can.
  • Hot water piped and running into the house! IMHO. 1/1/24 Happy New Year.
  • Greatest invention the wheel because it gave humanity mobility to go further than by walking. This includes the wheelchair that of course includes wheels.
  • The electric light! Opened up 2/3 of a life without burning down the house. Happy New Year!
  • Controlled flame. Imagine the infomercials for it back in in the age of homo erectus. "WANT FIRE?" (lights fire) "NO MORE WANT FIRE?" (puts out fire - crowd applauds)

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