• Not if you eat a full bowl of oatmeal. 🤮
  • In my personal experience, the only thing that "stays down" is jello. It doesn't feel good, but it doesn't come back up.
  • Very little stays down when you have the stomach flu. I don't eat oatmeal even when well, so it's definitely NOT my go to when sick. When throwing up, I find a plain old dry saltine cracker followed by a swallow of 7-Up to help. Mashed potatoes also seem to stay down better than other options & they are a bit more filling hence I don't feel so weak.
  • Probably not. Not much will stay down, Drink plenty of water/fluids. Drink broth and maybe try a couple crackers with it, if you feel daring. I hope you get well soon. 1/12/24

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