• Private detective ?
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      Yes, Babes and Bullets. lol
  • Only president to have been killed in office by shear incompetence. When Lincoln was shot, the US government concluded that it was a one-off event, and that no president would ever be assassinated ever again... but had no reason to justify that conclusion. Then his would-be-assassin was too incompetent to actually shoot him properly, instead wounding him in the lower abdomen. Then, the world famous inventor, Alexander Graham Bell, used a metal detector to try to find the bullet whilst Garfield was lying on a bed with metal springs. Instead of deducing that the springs interfered with the machine, Bell falsely assumed that the device didn't work. Then, finally, despite medical science at the time knowing about germs, no one who operated on Garfield bothered to sanitize any of their instruments or wash their hands before poking around inside of his abdomen. Garfield died of sepsis.

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