• It means she thinks intelligence is hot! So do I! But what are you doing looking on a dating site? I thought you had a girlfriend! And I thought you were one of the loyal ones!
    • Roaring
      We broke up for the second time, yet love keeps us coming back. In kind of a love limbo right now. I was tested this past weekend where I had the opportunity to develop a friendship with a woman at my church that could become more. Instead reading how women present themselves and what draws me to them helps me clarify what I love about "A". Also she wasn't willing to declare a commitment to the relationship even for 3 months at a time. I am learning about a need in me that wants some solid ground to go through ups and downs.
    • Linda Joy
      I wish you well in your search. You seem like a really sweet, loyal God loving guy and I hope you find a woman worthy of you.
    • Roaring
      Thanks Linda Joy Your kind words go right to my heart. I am developing friendships with potential and am on good terms with "A" with some distance

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