• images and hot links. The site is along way behind the times ,its only a matter of time before it dies at the rate its going.
  • 5/2/2023, the questions are there. I know I have asked over 1000 questions in the past year, along with other active AB'ers who also ask numerous questions in the thousands. What can help this site are a couple of features... 1. Advertising on popular social media sites, especially on YouTube. 2. Add a feedback notification button, (cause having your email account flooded with Answerbag feedback is overwhelming). Others will ask for a points system, uploading images, videos and a private messaging feature. That's not important to me. Giving thumbs up to questions and answers is enough to see what's helpful. On images and videos, we can somehow add links. As for sending private messages: if I wanted to share my email address, I will add it in my Answerbag profile or at least create an email address for PM purposes.
  • More of both questions and answers
  • Both! Especially yours! I think if the users we have would participate more fully and regularly it would be fine. But adding videos slows down page loads. And I don't particularly want to see a bunch of political memes. And I don't want to have to come here to get a pm. My email is in my profile. More especially for people who have been through the same crap I have and want to talk about it privately.
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    • Linda Joy
      So ask them! I look forward to it.

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