• Probably most people aren't as bad as it generally seems, since we tend to remember negative experiences more vividly. But in the digital age, between the anonymity of online life and the loss of nonverbal information conveyed in short text, our social skills have generally regressed as a society. And if someone learns that they can get what they want by bullying, due to lack of development in their social skills, they will continue to interact with others the same way, even when they don't really want anything.
  • You're interacting with the wrong people. As I've suggested repeatedly you need to talk to a counselor. They are trained to help you. There are also support groups that could help and some of them are even online. If you stop expecting lay people to be educated in mental health you wouldn't be so disappointed all the time. Besides the fact its not their job to cater to the special mental health needs of everyone out there! Its unrealistic to expect anyone except someone trained in the subject or someone who is mentally ill to be educated about it. Just like its not your job to know what's wrong with everyone's car or how to fix their computer. Those are just examples. Basically if you would stop expecting others to somehow fix you or cater to your special needs you wouldn't be so disappointed when they don't. Its not their job. YOU ARE THE ONE WHO IS CHARGE OF FIXING YOU.
    • Shadow Of The Mind
      I know I am in charge of fixing myself but I’m talking about people who are suicidal and suffering from some sort of mental health illness. There are people in the world who are unable to help themselves because they may have a disability or some sort of condition that prevents them from getting any better. The problem with a lot of people nowadays is they are involved with technology which makes them disconnected from others around them. That is what makes such people lack in empathy and understanding. It could be that some people have their mind on cloud nine making them lack in social interaction. People who are more in tune with the world and others around them are the ones with better understanding and empathy. I understand that coming on to Answerbag is not going to fix any problems because of the wrong people. There are people who exist that are more in tune with others around them and who know how to listen to someone’s problems. It doesn’t have to be a counsellor. It can be someone who shows they care. The problem with some people is they don’t know how to look within themselves and gain personal development. Mental health comes first and is important to each individual.
  • People in general are not very useful for everything out there. Things have become specialized and you practically have to have an expert or someone who thinks they are or at least trained to get to anyone useful. I can do a lot of things, having lived a long time, but I wouldn't offer to do surgery on you what with my hand tremors. I wouldn't even offer to fill out a form. 😋

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