• Is this even being done, or is this some kind of inflamatory trolling question? Where is your link? Not everyone on here watches the news. So if you could grab a link it would help us understand what you're talking about.
    • Linda Joy
      We used to recite the pledge, too but I don't remember anyone being punished for not participating. What do you mean by 'forced'? Do they put the kids in a headlock until they participate?
  • Yes, it is unconstitutional.
  • Sure, that would be illegal in any state in a public school. Leads me to wonder why this question was asked. Do you have some knowledge of this sort of thing going on somewhere? 4/23/23
  • When I was a kid in school, a prayer was given EVERY morning. It did NOT mean that I "had to" pray. I didn't always listen to the prayer offered & I didn't do my own prayer. I did bow my head & the teacher "assumed" that I was praying. EVERY Sunday my parents did take me to church where I was expected to pray & be indoctrinated into their beliefs. I preferred to have prayer at school!!!
    • dalcocono
      Where did you attend school? I went to public school in CA starting in the early 1950s. We said the pledge allegiance everyday, but we never had any group prayer all thru my public school years.
    • Linda Joy
      Me either. But I remember taking a moment of silence. My parents were the opposite. I was actually grounded from going to church and molested by my stepfathers. Prayer would have been much better than being taught to strip dance for my stepfather in 3rd grade! Sometimes its difficult to see going to church and reciting prayers as being 'oppressive'.
    • Majik-1
      I grew up in the Bible Belt (GA) in the early 50's. We had a different pastor/priest from every church in town rotate in every morning to do the prayer. After our prayer time, we also did the Pledge of Allegiance. Then we would finally start our day. Today I have nothing against church or prayer as I do both. As a child I resented being forced to do both of them. My parents were together for 75 years & I was blessed to never have to deal with a stepdad. After Mom passed, dad didn't remarry.
    • dalcocono
      Ah then, so it was a regional thing it seems. I wonder what would have happened if there had been a constitutional challenge over it.
    • Linda Joy
      I started school in the midwest in the mid 60's and then moved to the south as a the 70's . But just a decade (or two) ago they were still doing the pledge at school when I was a substitute teacher.
  • Details? Forced how? What prayer? Where? What is the state law?
  • Back when I was in grade three in 1947, we were required to recite the 23rd Psalm from memory before we would be passed on to grade 4. That was in Colorado. I don't know if any other schools required this or if it was just in the school I attended.

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