• No! That would not be cost effective for Hawaii, besides the fact self driving personal vehicles are now cutting into the airline industry. Rail is becoming obsolete for personal conveyance. Also rail and airlines are becoming targets for terrorists. In addition, Skype and other such apps are making personal travel less necessary, which is better for the environment. I wouldn't attempt building a personal transport system that was not as environmentally friendly as possible. Its irresponsible.
    • mushroom
      Railroads are actually the most cost-efficient and environmentally friendly mode of long distance transportation. Many railroad engines are actually diesel-electric hybrids and others are electric only. Rails cause less friction than pavement, cover less ground per passenger/freight mile and trains can safely move faster than cars or buses when designed and maintained to do so. In cities, light-rail (trolleys) and subways move passengers quickly avoiding traffic congestion. Sadly the oil-auto cartel systematically dismantled the once vast US railroad networks.
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      Mushroom is correct. Rail is four times more efficient than trucking ( ), but Linda Joy is correct that a railway from the mainland to Hawaii would be ridiculously costly.
  • it rnight not be a bad idea
  • That would be fantastic.

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