• everyone says they wont but most fold and do perhaps under duress of interview technique 2 , supend interview beat up suspect take him back to cell start interveiw with suspect 2 suspend interview resume interview with suspect 1. But really what are are geting yourself involved in runaway. As this is a would you question Id like to hope I'm never in a situation to have to be any part of anything like that. I told the above story from what Ive seen happen to some of my friends , how they described their expierence at he local police station they did commit plenty of crimes.
  • That depends on the situation...but I'm a "straight shooter", morally and in most other ways. If one of my friends committed a crime, I'm not going to commit a crime to cover up for him or her. I'm not going to lie for him or her in any case, even if it's not a crime. I'm going to tell the truth, because I know that's the right thing to do - not because I don't want to go to jail. *** So: the only way I would cover for a friend is if for some reason telling the truth were NOT the right thing to do. That is possible...but it's a very unusual (extremely unusual) situation.
  • No, absolutely not. I've never done anything that would put me in that position, and never will.
  • I would not.

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