• You are stuck 24/7/365 for the next 18 years.
    • Linda Joy
      More like 40 for some of them.
  • That’s somewhat true depending if the person who is 18 has a baby or not. For me it’s true I am on my own because I never want a child as it’s too much responsibility. Once a person is 18 and over they are entitled to their own choices and be their own boss. Some people will need support on knowing how to be independent depending on their learning ability. Be mindful that we all have different learning abilities.
    • Linda Joy
      I agree with most of what you said. Babies make a difference in the choices we make, and some people need more help than others. I have a niece who is severely mentally retarded. She will need help for the rest of her life. But I can't fully agree with: "Once a person is 18 and over they are entitled to their own choices and be their own boss." This is also dependent on several factors. Are they living under their parent's roof? If so they will have to live by the rules of the house. Even in a homeless shelter they have rules or you're out! And if you get caught breaking the law and go to jail, you are certainly not going to be your own boss. And if you have no money it will be up to others what they're willing to share with you. And if you don't have the mental capacity to manage your own money its likely a payee will be appointed to do it for you. I feel if you want to be grown and make your own choices then you have to earn it by being responsible and taking care of yourself.
    • Shadow Of The Mind
      That’s true. I understand if the person is 18 and over that it depends on if they live with their parents/carers or not.
  • How old is this question - 1960s? Today, there's almost no such thing as "18 and on your own". It's more like "40 with kids of your own and still living with parents."

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