• Yep, pretty much. At least: BBC news seems to indicate so. Ukraine seems to keep gaining ground, and at this point it seems like a matter of will: whichever nation gets fed up first will lose. I expect that the Ukrainians will not give up after what Russia has done to them. I expect Russia will get fed up - like they did in Afghanistan - in another year or two. It might even be the cause of Putin's ousting (as Afghanistan was for Gorbachev)
    • 11stevo73
      you really think Ukriane are winning?
  • The outcome of war is always such that more is lost than won by nearly all involved parties.
    • 11stevo73
      You didn't answer the question . Do you think Ukraine is winning? We all know the people of ukraine will be the ultimate losers even if they offically win.
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      1. In the context that they were invaded and the invasion is going deeper into territory, of course they are not winning. They are the underdog in this conflict. I believe that pretty much all who coherently follow the news are aware of this. 2. As I said, no one is winning. If no one is winning, obviously, I don't think that they are winning. 3. In spite of that, people are mostly sympathetic with Ukraine. That sympathy should not be mistaken for belief in how the outlook currently stands.
  • Russia has destroyed between 60 and 70% of Ukraine‚Äôs critical infrastructure. The West is suffering from a kind of self-deterrence, so it is only offering Ukraine enough support to keep it from having to capitulate straight away.
  • Who is winning the war ? Who started it again? How much money has you're Goverment thrown away? Do you all still believe anything Joe Biden says? The aim of the war was to?

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