• Of course i dont report minor bumps. where do I draw the line in deciding to have it fixed? MMM let me see.... maybe when its someone elses fault???
  • I have some small dents, like from scraping in a parking garage or at the gas pump. I decided to let those go. I've also noticed dents after parking somewhere and returning to my car. I skipped those too. I figure that it would be better to keep my insurance rates down. If another party was at fault (and I was there to get their insurance information), however, I'd likely pursue the claim against their insurance.
  • istart reporting only when it becomes from small to big dents or an accident (heaven forbid). unless somebody is to blame and you are not to blame, then i report even the tinyest bump.
  • First consideration is the amount of my deductible relative to the cost of the repair..

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