• Weapons do not bring peace. They contribute to war and destruction. Weapons are made by corrupt people with no regard of human life. If we all used words instead of physically hurting one another, there would be more peace but still corruption in the world from other things. Unfortunately in the real world, there is war among people who are messed up in the head using weapons for war. The only weapon a person needs to protect themselves are their hands and feet if there are no objects that cause harm. I don't know why Joe Biden is trying to start a war.
  • Don't know what Biden is up to now, but the atomic bomb put a stop to nuclear war. And there was a spree shooter stopped by a man with a gun in Texas a few years back. Many home invasions have been stopped by a homeowner with a gun. And gun laws don't stop violence. They might stop gun violence, but if you wanna kill someone you don't need a gun. Take a look at your own country's violence. They manage it without guns. What we need is love, my man! Make love, not war! Peace!
    • 11stevo73
      Whats the murder rate in Austrlia compiard to USA? If it came down to it would you to shoot a home invader do you have it in you to kill another human ?

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