• Only once in awhile, when a not-very-original but funny answer pops into my head and I see someone else has beaten me to the punch. Usually I consider it a time-saver if someone answers with my answer. All I need do is thumb them up..
  • Infrequently, when a somewhat-obvious but humourous answer occurs to me and I notice some other user has preempted me. Typically I figure it saves time if someone answers with my answer. All I need do is upvote them.
  • No, it just means someone else has thought like you, I get it on here, usually regarding humour.
  • What annoys me is when a questioner asks: Can you name a place or something starting with a certain letter? and the next thing you know, there is always SOMEONE who copies information from the internet, and pastes a long list of answers to the question being asked. It spoils it for other users who are trying to give an answer. On questions of asking for favorite movies, celebrities or giving suggestions: there is nothing wrong if you can give an answer that has already been taken, because you also share their views. I just like to be unique by giving an answer no one has thought of to make it more exciting.

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