• Spying? You are exaggerating. The Chinese authorities said the balloons were blown away by unexpected winds.
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      Why are you taking the side of the Chinese? Our State Department said it was a spy balloon. That is why they are trying to recover the debris.
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      You worry too much. Everything is fine. China has continued to claim that the balloon was merely a weather research.
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      When I said it was a Chinese Balloon why did you say I was exaggerating?
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      You are speaking about WW1, rockets and spying. Look at it this way, we're still alive.
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      No I wasn't I was saying that thinking the Chinese would launch balloons to spy on the United States is ridiculous because balloons don't hide very well. They are WWI technology. I was wrong. I have no idea why they are using balloons but they are.
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      I know it's ridiculous, but the importance is, we are alive.
  • To see what they can get away with. Obviously your pal Joe does not mind them violating our air space and now China and the rest of the world knows it.
  • Why wouldn't they? Also, who stopped using balloons in WWI? Did you never hear about the Japanese balloon bombs during WWII?
  • A balloon is far less threatening than a rocket. A rocket flying into our airspace could ignite a very warlike response, IMHO. 2/8/23 Besides, China has no real reason to monitor the weather in the US.
  • It's very long distance (compare to drones, for example) and much cheaper than a spy satellite - or a spy plane, which we used to use but (AFAIK) no one else could afford since the advent of radar - and typically a balloon avoids radar detection. *** The only feasible alternative is a spy satellite, and I expect that is much more costly and has a much, much larger lead-time. I would expect a balloon could be deployed in a couple of weeks, and sent to its target (even as far away as the U.S.) in a couple of months. I might be wrong, but I bet you can't decide on a spy satellite and then build it and deploy it within three months. *** You wrote: "They stopped using spy balloons in WWI." WHO stopped? Who told you that? Why do you imagine that Communist China doesn't still employ them?
  • They like the scenic route? I've always wondered why immigrants coming from France don't use this mode of transport to cross the channel to the UK.

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