• Because the can!! I'm really surprised that we allow that.
  • The balloons might contain another chapter of Covid. If not, egg rolls. lol
    • bostjan64
      None of the actual Chinese people I know (as in people who lived their formative years in China) actually ever eat egg rolls, and I've never heard of any authentic Chinese cuisines using them. Maybe they *do* just send them all over here!
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      Here you go, How to Make Authentic Chinese Egg Rolls : Chinese Food at Home: Don't look at me. Tell it to the Chinese people who have been lying to us if what you say is true.
  • Ronald Ragan would of had them shot down before they got with in 500 miles of the US coastline. One time the people want to see the US air force do something to protect the USA but no fail.
  • Because they are filled with a gas lighter than air.
    • bostjan64
      Do you work for Microsoft tech support? LOL
    • Linda Joy
      lol no, but for some reason I'm often mistaken for an employee. Jenny spread rumors I worked here.
    • bostjan64
      Yeah, I remember seeing that, all because you are more helpful than the people who actually do work here (if anyone even does).
    • Linda Joy
      Last staff I heard from was Bill (with the Jack-o-lantern avatar) probably over a year ago. And thanks.

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