• I doubt it. Male dogs are notorious for humping just about anything that's the right shape and size. Even - for example - a human leg. Are those dogs leg-o-sexuals? No. Dogs are (notoriously) indiscriminate.
    • Shadow Of The Mind
      They don’t hump legs. It’s just they lick each other’s privates. My pug got the snip when he was a few weeks old as in the private area getting removed to prevent getting cancer at a later age but he when he gets excited with the other dog he would lick down there if you know what I mean
      I'm guessing you don't know dogs very well. A typical dog of sufficient size will hump the crap out of your leg...given the opportunity. Also a log (as long as it's relatively smooth), a male dog, a female dog, other species of animals (for example: large-ish cats or small children) name it. And yes: I'm speaking of what I've witnessed with my own eyes, and in most cases I'm speaking of behavior of dogs in public (i.e. I didn't know the dog or the owner, nor the object of their affection).
    • Shadow Of The Mind
      I know that other dogs like to hump people’s legs but not my dog. He shows his affection to the other dog in the family. I have also witnessed the behaviours of other dogs when I’m out in public and when I watch animal programs on television
  • No see the link:-

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