• No, thank you! I don't like hot dogs. You know they put so much crap in those things they had to put a sphincter on each end to hold all the crap in! haha. I also don't like mustard and don't normally eat white bread. It can constipate you. That's why bad boys in prison are put on bread and water. Its a form of torture! I'll just stick with my very unhealthy pizza! haha.
    • Rick Myres
      You must be a picky eater lol😁
    • Linda Joy
      I didn't used to be, but if you watch that video I told you about you'd be a little more picky too! How much pus do you want in your meat? Yes there is a limit to how much pus is allowed so they puncture the abscess and let it drain all over the conveyor belt! And lets face it they put stuff in hot dogs they couldn't sell if it were called by what it actually is! No one would buy it! So they grind it up into dogs. I eat a lot of things others wouldn't. So no, I'm not picky. I just have certain foods that I don't like. Just like everyone else. But when I am picky like preferring the tomato next to the mayo, I make it myself! But I am trying to eat a little more healthily so I can come off some of my medications. You'd probably feel better if you did, too!

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