• The cities that appear at the top of the lists are Paris, London, Cancun, or Venice. The top of the list varies by reporting source and the year reporting. So I'm not sure that there is a real answer to this question.
  • Tel Aviv
  • London, Paris
  • I know people will say London or Paris, but I think the real answer might be elusive. Cities like Toronto and Montreal get millions of US visitors every year, and, if you've ever visited one of those cities yourself, you almost certainly ran into tons of other US tourists. I personally know two Americans who ever went to Paris, and maybe a dozen who have been to London, but virtually every American I know personally has been either to Montreal or Toronto, and most have been to both numerous times. So, I have a tough time believing that there are more Americans flying across the Atlantic Ocean to visit these iconic cities everyone talks about but virtually no one anecdotally actually visits, versus a place that people will find much more accessible by car or bus, and much less exciting to talk about. Probably people in Texas and California can chime in about how common it is to visit Monterrey or Guadalajara or Tijuana... I'd be more prone to believe any of those as well before buying into the idea that Americans are flocking to visit London every weekend.
    • notyouraveragedummy
      Or, you could look at my response. I actually looked up the statistics. PS. I live in New York State yet I've never been to Canada, just across the border.
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      I'm dubious that anyone keeps accurate statistics about this. Where did your source get their information? Could you share it with us?
  • Paris and London
  • An internet search claims Cancun Mexico was number 1 in 2021. However, with the recent upsurge in murderous cartel activity down there, I'd bet it is no longer number 1 in 2023. 8/11/23

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