• You mean like Door Dash? No.
    • e584345
      thankt for your answer. my understanding is not so much difference between Ubereats and Door Dash. What I want to know is the service that can offer one delivery man can take from muitlple restaurant and deliver them to multiple customers.
    • Army Veteran
      If you mean picking up and delivering multiple orders on the same trip, I don't think it would be such a good idea. Food orders are time-sensitive. People don't want to wait and they certainly don't want cold food. Also, they tend to get the idea that the delivery fees are being used to pay expenses for other deliveries as well. I ran across a few irate customers when I was driving a cargo van and had to make a second stop at another business. Lemme say that Canadians can get pretty serious when they feel they've been cheated.
  • I agree with Army Veteran. They can deliver from different restaurants to one business, but to different locations would not be efficient or as effective.

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