• I've done my share of labor over the span of my life but I've never had a job where I delivered thi . . . oh wait a minute . . . never mind.
    • Linda Joy
      I wasn't specific on purpose! I was looking forward to what stories might come my way on this one. I've done delivery! And lots and lots of labor! I even have a birthing story as well.
  • ive never had kids
    • Linda Joy
      But you've done labor! he he
  • For real. My labor was 3 hrs. IOW I dilated from 0 to 10 in 3 hrs. I can only guestimate when I went into active labor. First time giving birth. My baby girl was 6 lbs 10 ozes. She was healthy except a little jaundiced. But that went away quickly. Her Apgar was 9. Afterbirth 3 minutes. Natural birth since when I screamed for the epidermal sp? the obgyn said I can't give it to you she's about to be born.
    • Linda Joy
      Wow! Way to push 'em out!! Mine was 24 hrs and I never dilated past 5cm and he never came past a -2 position even after inducing and breaking my water which leaked then sealed back over. He just didn't want to come out! So they took him C section.
    • mugwort
      I;m glad you could get him out somehow. Sounds quite rough for you Hope you and your family is doing well.

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