• Yes a great Idea
  • Even current US currency looks too much like play money.
  • It would increase inflation. The way things currently stand, the US dollar is worthless - it's fiat money. The Constitution regulates the value of our currency and says that it has to be backed by gold and silver - none of which give value to our currency today. Today's currency is printed like Monopoly money and has the same intrinsic value. Changing the color scheme to what you suggested would result in a higher production cost. This, in turn, would require more money to be printed - and inflation takes yet another hit.
  • How old are you? I'd like to be able to explain things at a level you understand. This change would cost a lot of money and increase inflation, which means the money would be worth less because everything costs more.
    • Army Veteran
      ...And you can't understand why I call this place a 3rd-grade discussion group...

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