• Crazy question! If he was still the mass murderer, no. Let's also ask the question, "Can the families obtain their deceased members stolen parts back?" So many wrongs.
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      But he was never given a fair trial. The crowd basically lynched him.
  • Well...that's not "the Frankenstein story". In "Frankenstein", one scientist (Frankenstein) created "Frankenstein's monster", and he created him out of chemicals - NOT out of old body parts, NOT out of murderer's brains. Frankenstein's monster, distraught at his own ugliness, killed the scientist and then left society, leaving very occasional and inconclusive evidence that he was living alone in the forest. No mob. No pitchforks. No monster's death in a laboratory. *** In the story YOU describe: if that were to happen today then someone (probably the leader of the mob or the particular persons who set fire to the lab) would be charged with murder, and probably convicted.
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      Maybe you need to read the book. It was written by Mary Shelly, and creating a person from body parts is exactly what Victor Frankenstein tried to do.
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      BR s right about the book, he dies in an ice floe. But in the (1931) Boris Karloff movie which is where the monster we all call Frankenstein comes from, he comes from body parts and the brain was from a murderer who had been executed.
  • what was the name of the monster Victor Frankenstein created? Didn't doctor frankinstien die of pneumonia? Did they change it for the movie?

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