• if I had any house plants Id name them. I named the car.
  • I only named one. Big Mama Aloe. She had 20 pups when I transplanted her for indoors during the cool months. She's almost too big for me to handle and she scratches!
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      I had an aloe plant for years. It was one of the most hearty indoor plants I had ever kept!
    • Linda Joy
      I wrapped her up in order to mover her inside for the winter. She just took up too much space!
  • No, but now I might! I have a 20 year old Jade that deserves a name. It has cool twisted limbs that go up then down then up then down, and are the result of my own ups and downs, different living situations etc. It's become a visual representation of my struggles and successes over the last 20 years, in plant form
  • I don't recall naming any plant I owned. However I knew a woman with a whole bunch of teddy bears in her apt. She named every one of them.
  • I have never thought of naming houseplants, until you mentioned it.
  • I got myself artificial Juniper Cypress topiary set from Designer Plants ( almost two year ago and my husband like to call them Jenifers. It always puts a smile on my face.

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