• Its perfectly normanal for 40+ year old men to be rooting 16 year old girls is it? It's not the right thing to do why do you ask ? Do you think its ok for old men to be rooting young girls?
  • It's true that **where the assault took place*** (i.e. England) that the age of consent was 16 at the time. HOWEVER: the charges are being brought against Andy in the U.S. Also: the CHARGE is not pedophilia, but - rather - sexual abuse, which doesn't have any age limit. *** He's being branded a pedophile by some people because in the view of some people a person 16 - or 17 - years old is still a child, still not an adult. In fact: in the U.S. and the U.K. typically a person is not legally deemed to be an adult until the age of 18. So: a person under 18 - in the view of most Americans and Brits - is still a child.
  • It sounds like you disagree with the ruling, but which part are you disagreeing with - being branded a pedophile or the charge of sexual assault? Does it really make a difference? Making an argument defending the age of consent while downplaying a sex crime suggests that a personal interest is involved.
    • anonymous
      No I just thought Ephebophilia is what an adult sexually attracted to teens is called.
      Each word (pedophilia, ephebophilia, child) has multiple definitions and (as a result) the definitions of the first two words overlap.
  • He was also involved with Epstein.
    • anonymous
      Oh yeah I forgot about that.
    • 11stevo73
      What about Ralf Harris and Jimmy Savile do you know who they are and what they did? Both close to the royal family.
  • How ever old she was H sexually assaulted a young woman, He should be considered a felony sexual criminal . He is a criminal.

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