• With a can of Raid.
    • Easygoing98
      Professional pest control is needed. Trust me, the raid can won't do anything for an infestation. I've been through hell with roaches and they were hiding in the most unimaginable places. Took 5 visits by pest control and I became broke.
    • Army Veteran
      Raid pest control foggers will do the trick. My landlord gave me a couple because the neighbor a couple of floors above me had a problem with bedbugs. I never saw any bedbugs, but I had been battling spiders and centipedes. After setting off the bombs, I never saw either one for over a year.
    • Army Veteran
      You are correct about the professional pest control, however. The original landlord who owned the building I live in (I'm on my 3rd landlord - and they seem to get dumber and cheaper as they come and go) owned a pest control company. For the three years or so that he owned the place, we never had a critter problem.
    • Creamcrackered
      I'm gathering you are speaking of cockroaches etc?
  • You need to hire a professional pest control company. One time visit is $300. But you can do an annual contract with them where they will charge only $55 a month and can come multiple times as needed. The chemicals used by them cannot be bought in store and that's the problem. But I have learned that the name of the chemical they use is "long residual" and "pyrethoid" There are lots of them. In my home many have been used -- bifenthein, lambda CS 9.7, transport, alpine dusts, baits and so much. You need lot of $$$$ now for the pest man.
    • Creamcrackered
      Sorry I was coming from a different perspective, I was speaking of spiders, etc.
  • cockroaches and flys are the only ones id spray
  • A spy of fly spray 3 times a year would do it. We dont have that many insects here or the type that invade the house anyway.
  • Raid Ants & Cockroaches
  • That one's easy. Very few conservative Republicans chose to enter. lol
    • Army Veteran
      ((O--O)) LOL!
  • I call Terminex.

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