• No. He joined to keep from getting drafted, like everyone else.
    • Linda Joy
      My bad. He was drafted.
  • Not true. He was drafted like I was drafted.
  • "This is what the Movie said." 😆 (Whisper from aside: "He has partaken from the tree of knowledge - now he's one of us.")
  • I watched a jury convict a school teacher for rooting a 14 year old girl. By definition Elvis was a peadophile see why I hate my parents generation they thought that it was ok For a 25 year old man to root 14 year old girls. Elvis had a thing for virginity and young girls. He was a rockspider.
    • Army Veteran
      When did Elvis have intercourse with a 14-year-old? He met Priscilla when she was 14, but there is no record of him having sex with her. On the contrary, he had a "moral clause" in his record contract that prohibited him from doing so unless they were married. They were married in 1967 - making her 21 at the time (just a few weeks shy of her 22nd birthday).
    • 11stevo73,every%20way%20short%20of%20penetration.
    • Linda Joy
      He didn't have sex with her until they were married and she was of age.

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